The latest on fruit fly outbreaks in South Australia.

About the Riverland outbreak areas

The Pike River and Renmark West fruit fly outbreak areas have been extended until 13 March 2022 after fruit fly was detected recently.

Monash, Berri and Cooltong outbreak areas have ended, but growers and producers may continue to be impacted by the Pike River and Renmark West outbreaks and are now partly or wholly in a yellow suspension area.

What the extended outbreak dates means for Riverland growers and producers

  • New release date 13 March 2022 for the fruit fly affected areas of Pike River and Renmark West outbreaks, this includes the yellow 15 km suspension areas and red 1.5 km outbreak areas.
  • Movement restrictions remain for the Pike River and Renmark West red 1.5 km outbreak and yellow 15 km suspension areas. All host material must be treated and certified before leaving the outbreak area unless alternative approval from PIRSA has been provided – contact Market Access for more details.
  • Residents, growers and producers who were in the previous Monash, Berri or Cooltong Fruit Fly Affected Areas may still fall within the Pike River and Renmark West Fruit Fly Affected Area.  Check the fruit fly outbreak map to confirm what restrictions apply to you.
  • PIRSA is continuing to manage the movement of fruit, and follow its current eradication program in the area, in response to the new detection, including sterile fruit fly (SIT) release.

Release dates

Under Australia’s Fruit Fly Management Protocol, release dates for fruit fly outbreaks are set at either 12 weeks since the last detection of a wild fly or larvae, or the time it takes for one generation of the fly to elapse plus 28 days (whichever is longer). For the recent detections at Pike River, the release date is driven by the 12-week rule and as a result, both outbreaks are now due to be lifted on 13 March 2022.

Page Last Reviewed: 20 Jan 2022
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