Packing lunches

Check your fruit and locations

You can continue to enjoy these fruit and vegetables at home but there are some restrictions on moving them around.

Before planning and packing your lunch from home, check if your home, school or workplace is affected.

What you can take to your school or workplace

If your school or workplace is in a red, yellow or green area, make sure you understand the restrictions for these areas.

If you do take fruit and vegetables to your school or workplace, you must dispose of your fruit waste properly.

Lunchbox ideas

Here are some food ideas for your lunchbox.

Safe fruit ideas

  • Cut fresh pineapple into chunks
  • Thread fresh melons, like watermelon, honeydew and rockmelon, onto icy pole sticks
  • Cut strawberries into halves (but not permitted in the SA Riverland or Ridleyton)
  • Frozen fruit – try grapes, berries or mango for a refreshing snack
  • Cooked or stewed fruit – add some yoghurt on the side (remember to add an ice pack)
  • Canned fruit in natural juice or water
  • Dried fruits – not for everyday and keep these serves small (no more than 30g)


Add these vegetables to a salad:

  • lettuce
  • cucumber
  • carrot
  • celery
  • cabbage
  • mushrooms
  • snow peas and sugar snap peas
  • baby spinach
  • green beans.

You can also try:

  • veggie sticks with some hummus or tzatziki dip
  • celery with reduced-fat cream cheese
  • adding cooked vegetables to a frittata
  • baking a veggie muffin or a zucchini slice.

These ideas are from Wellbeing SA, who have other advice about eating well.

Page Last Reviewed: 13 Feb 2021
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