Fruit fly in South Australia

It's in your hands

Restrictions are in place to limit the movement of some fruit and vegetables

The impact of fruit fly outbreaks is in your hands.

South Australia’s fruit fly outbreaks are not only affecting some of our everyday foods, but are threatening thousands of local jobs, businesses and livelihoods.

Restrictions for your area

How the restrictions affect you

Fruit fly updates

Stronger fruit fly measures to protect the Riverland

Protection around the Riverland has been strengthened by introducing a complete ban on host fruit and vegetables being brought in.


Motorists putting Riverland at fruit fly risk

One in ten motorists have been caught flouting strict fruit fly rules into the Riverland across the past 23 random roadblocks.


New fruit fly outbreaks

Two new Mediterranean fruit fly outbreaks have been declared at Port Augusta and Warradale.


Aerial sterile fruit fly release

Sterile fruit flies are being released over metropolitan Adelaide to support the eradication program.


Support for growers affected by fruit fly

Primary producers affected by current fruit fly outbreaks now have access to the Family and Business Support (FaBS) program.


Call the fruit fly hotline

Report suspected fruit fly or get answers to your fruit fly questions. The hotline is open 24 hours.

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Page Last Reviewed: 13 Feb 2021
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