Schools resource kit

Resources are available for school site leaders in fruit fly red outbreak areas – and teachers in any area – to use in the classroom, around the school and when communicating with parents and carers about fruit fly.

There are two parts to the resource kit:

  • School resources – for red outbreak area schools educating their school community about canteen fruit, green bins and restrictions
  • Teaching resources – for student learning purposes, including information on waste management programs with KESAB.

Resources for schools in red outbreak areas

Parent / student / staff information

Printable resources

Digital resources


Resources for teachers and classroom activities

Printable resources

Complete our general enquiries form to request hard copies of the Buzz Off Fruit Fly booklet.


Classroom activity suggestions

  • Make a poster educating the school community about fruit fly and the restrictions currently in place for your school
  • Run an education program in your school about fruit fly
  • Create a healthy school lunchbox menu which follows fruit fly restrictions for your school area, or cook a recipe

Waste management programs with KESAB

PIRSA has partnered with KESAB Environmental Solutions to include important fruit fly information in their range of educational programs on waste management. Some useful sessions include composting, cooking with food scraps, and bin audits. Contact KESAB to arrange a session for your school.

Alternatively, contact us to discuss options for PIRSA to support your school with fruit fly information.

Page Last Reviewed: 13 Sep 2021
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