What fruit and vegetables are at risk

These are the fruit and vegetables at risk from fruit fly.

You can continue to enjoy these fruit and vegetables, but there are some restrictions on moving them around.

There are also fresh fruit and vegetable options to enjoy without restrictions.

Preparing fruit and vegetables so they can move around

All fruit and vegetables are safe from fruit fly if they are prepared in the following ways:

  • canned
  • cooked
  • dried
  • frozen
  • grated
  • packaged or processed
  • pureed.

Cut, sliced or mashed fruit and vegetables listed on this page are still a risk for fruit fly, and restrictions apply on moving them around.


Only Queensland fruit fly like strawberries. Currently the Riverland and an area around Ridleyton have this fly.

Make sure you check if you’re located near these areas and don’t pack, share or sell strawberries if you are.

Page Last Reviewed: 22 Mar 2021
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