Maintain your home garden

Reduce the spread of fruit fly by following these maintenance practices in your home garden.

What to do if you're in an outbreak area

Keeping and disposing of fruit on your property

If you live in a red area follow the restrictions for the area.

If you live in a yellow area follow restrictions for the area.

Check your fruit

Learn how to identify fruit fly and what fruit and vegetables fruit fly like.

Check for:

  • maggots by cutting your fruit in half and looking for maggots
  • blemishes on the skin of the fruit where the female fruit fly can lay eggs.

If you find maggots or anything that looks suspicious, put the fruit in an airtight container and contact the 24 hour Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.

Pick your fruit

Picking your fruit and vegetables helps break the fruit fly life cycle.

If you live in an outbreak area, immediately pick any fruit and vegetables at risk from fruit fly from your trees and plants and either eat, cook or preserve it.

Residents in these areas need to:

  • Pick all fruit and vegetables in your garden that are at risk from fruit fly as soon as possible – view the complete list
  • If you are home, give PIRSA access to your garden so they can complete their work
  • If you are not home during the day, please leave your gate or access point unlocked to give us access to your garden. We will close the gate upon completion of our work.

Otherwise, follow the instructions for red and yellow areas to dispose of your fruit waste properly.

Trim and prune your fruit trees

Trimming and pruning your trees makes it easier to harvest your fruit and eliminate potential sources for fruit flies from unharvested fruit left high up on tree branches.

Make sure you follow the instructions for red and yellow areas, to dispose of your fruit waste properly.

Organic materials that have had bait applied, such as leaf litter and tree branches, are safe to compost. Remember, fruit and vegetables must not be composted – these are to go in your green bin.

Clean up fallen fruit

Cleaning up fallen fruit from your garden helps to prevent female fruit flies from finding a place to lay eggs.

If you’re in an outbreak area, collect fallen fruit on your property and follow the instructions for red and yellow areas, to dispose of your fruit waste properly.

Allow PIRSA access to your garden for baiting

Baiting is a critical step to eliminate fruit flies from red outbreak areas.

If you live in an outbreak area, PIRSA staff may visit your property. Please allow easy access to your front and back gardens so they can do their work quickly. All our staff are fully trained, have official photo ID and will be wearing orange overalls. See more about baiting and fruit fly traps in your garden.

If you have any concerns about PIRSA staff on your premises, call the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.

Preventing fruit fly in your home garden

Even if you’re not in an outbreak area, we still need your help to prevent fruit fly. A clean garden helps stop fruit fly reproducing by interrupting the lifecycle.

What you can do:

Download a brochure

Download a brochure or poster in your language.

Call the Fruit Fly Hotline

Report suspected fruit fly or get answers to your fruit fly questions. The hotline is open 24 hours.

Page Last Reviewed: 23 Aug 2021
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