The latest on fruit fly outbreaks in South Australia.

Prevent fruit fly in your garden

Follow these steps to protect your home grown fruit and vegetables from fruit fly.

Pick your fruit promptly and prune

Promptly pick your ripe fruit and vegetables, and do not move or share fruit and vegetables from your property.

Prune fruit trees so you can pick them more easily next season.

Collect fallen fruit and dispose in your green waste bin

Cleaning up fallen fruit from your garden helps break the fruit fly life cycle. It prevents potential fruit fly maggots from burying into the soil and developing into adult flies.

Put unwanted fruit and vegetables in a green bin - not in compost.

Check your fruit and vegetables regularly for fruit fly

Learn how to identify fruit fly by checking for maggots and blemishes.

If you suspect fruit fly, seal the fruit in an air tight container and call the Fruit Fly Hotline on 1300 666 010.

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Page Last Reviewed: 23 Aug 2021
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